AKA Fashion and Beauty Photography on Acid

Fashion models and power equipment, what is not to love. Using the bold palette an beautiful locations of Costa Rica I have the enviable task of combining dissonant things and making them beautiful and interesting. There is a whole genre of pin-up photography devoted to this theme - give a girl in a tiny outfit and a product and make it sexy. The trouble is, all of those images look the same. With the permission of my excellent clients at Echo, we made something different. To start with, we used fashion and runway models - real pros from a great agency. We wanted to make the women look heroic and powerful instead of objectified so we avoided the obvious cliche of bikini and jiggle. Then we put a hell of a lot of production into making the shots stand out. We used beauty salons, tool-sheds, a saw-mill, restaurants, and a working 1940's sugar-mill to make backgrounds as stunning as the girls that we put in front of them. The images are bold, funny, and really sexy in a way that does not objectify the women, but enhances their beauty by making them powerful.